12 July, 2019

Top 10 Most Popular Dog breeds in Ivanhoe and surrounds

We all love our dogs whether they are pure bred, a cross breed or like my own dogs a mix of many varieties. Different breeds can […]
8 January, 2019
Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic renovation

Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic Underwent Extensive Renovations

Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic underwent an extensive renovation in October 2018. The end result – a clinic with an amazing aesthetic that not only aims to be […]
28 August, 2018
Airedale Terrier Dog Breed

7 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Have you ever noticed that you can now understand what your pup is trying to communicate? You may have form a strong bond that makes it […]
15 August, 2018
Toxic items to pets

Common household items that are toxic to pets

Did you know that the following items are harmful to your pet?? Onion and garlic – can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, anaemia and asthma attacks. Caffeine (i.e. […]
7 May, 2018
snake bite dog

Snake Bite on Dogs: Procedure, Symptoms, and Snake Identification

Keep your dog still and calm. Carry him to your vehicle carefully, the least blood circulation as possible. Call your nearest Vet Clinic to notify that […]
23 August, 2017
cat grooming

How to Pet a Cat – Things to Do and Not to Do

Cats are complicated creatures. They remain aloof yet crave for your attention and like dogs they need to check regularly, groom and vaccine. Their purrs melt […]