7 Signs Your Dog Loves You

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Have you ever noticed that you can now understand what your pup is trying to communicate? You may have form a strong bond that makes it easy for your pet to tell you what it needs and wants. You know that it shows signs your dog loves you?

Dogs make effort to keep in touch with their owners from time to time. But unless you’re observant and appreciate their actions, you might not notice their pleas or expression of excitement.
Yet with only a little aptitude, you can read the small hints that indicate your dog loves you.

Looking intently into your eyes

Looking into your eyes

Eye contact is one way dogs show liking for their owners. Experts in dog behaviour say when your dog looks at you eye-to-eye, it’s like they are “trying to give you a hug with their eyes.”

This kind of intimacy comes about when having fun with your pup at the playground or while cuddling on your sofa. And when they do stare at you, they release oxytocin— the same hormone that facilitates the bond between mothers and their newborns.

To test if this works with your pooch, don’t walk home one day and have your eyes glued to your dog like you are trying to challenge them in a staring contest. The dog will sense that something’s not right and shy away from your look because it feels awkward.

Alternatively, you can go step by step. Try maintaining eye contact in the most natural way possible for example during day-to-day routines and be mindful of their response.

Having fun and roughhousing with you

roughhousing with you

On a delightful day, dogs can get very playful, high-spirited and may even try to wrestle you.
This is your dog’s way of telling you that you are his/her friend and invites you to play a game. Don’t hesitate to do so. A little fun is certainly safe and usually shows the onset of more games moving forward. Also, it’s a good way to keep your relationship strong!

If your dog wants to roughhouse, don’t deny them the chance. It’s how they play and how they show their friendly.
Roughhousing is not only healthy, but also an essential way to help develop a dog’s social habits. Just be careful that it doesn’t get too rough. Train your dog to avoid barking or biting during roughhousing so you don’t get hurt.

Tail Wagging

Many times when a dog wags her tail, we often interpret that as a sign of joy, which is correct, but is not always the case. At times tail wagging is a way to show different emotions – joy, tension, fear or even a looming attack.
In general, if the wagging is relaxed, then the dog is at ease. When the pup is overwhelmed with joy, both her tail and butt sweeps in circles or swings back and forth in a friendly manner.

When your pooch can’t stop following you around

can’t stop following you around

Dogs have a habit of shadowing their owners. Studies show they do this because:
– the know you are their sole provider for food and shelter; and

– just like humans, dogs also take pleasure in staying with their families. They are social beings like us.

But unlike us who prefer solitude at times, dogs never care to spend time alone. To them, the family is the most important for them. Tailing you around is just another hint your pup loves you.

Yawning with you

We think that yawning being contagious is limited to people. But remember that dogs read human character, and sometimes they yawn when you yawn.

A study found that humans echo each other’s yawn simply because they are empathetic. On the other hand, a pooch yawns with you because he/she has a connection with you.
The study also observed that dogs are more likely to yawn simultaneously with their owners than with an unfamiliar person.

Jumping on you when you get back home

Isn’t it thrilling to have your pup jump to welcome you after a busy day at work? Well, let’s just say this depends on the pet owner.

Ironically, most people consider this a bad habit and even go as far as training their pets against it. Little do they realise this is a way their dog is saying I love you.

When your dog literally leans on you

dog leans on you

Dogs, just like kids, love to have your attention and will come seeking it by all means.
One way they do this is by leaning on you. When your dog does this, he/she is giving you attention and in turn, is seeking your attention.

And there are times that your dog leans on you out of nervousness. They do this because they see you as a guardian angel and expect you to keep them safe.

When this happens, take some time to sit them down, and let them feel loved too.

Of all the pets we keep at home, dogs tend to have a unique relationship with humans. They have the tendency to be emotional and are usually accepted as members of the family.


While it may be not possible to read an animal’s behaviour at all times, it is wise to be more affectionate with your dog as he/she communicates love for you.

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