23 June, 2017
Different Dog Breeds

How to Choose the Right Dog: Find Out About 22 Different Dog Breeds

The furry creatures are a man’s best friend, undoubtedly. There are various breeds of dogs and not all of them are suitable for first time owners. […]
15 June, 2017
How to Pet a Cat

How to Pet a Cat – Things to Do and Not to Do

Cats can be very complicated creatures but at the same time show very simple characteristics. They remain aloof yet crave for your attention and like dogs […]
13 June, 2017
adopt a dog

Do You Want to Adopt a Dog or Puppy? Here are 7 Things to Consider

Before you bring home the bundle of cuteness and awesomeness, pause and reconsider. It is easy to fall in love with all the cute puppy videos […]
23 May, 2017
Ivanhoe Vet | Maintain Dogs oral health

How to Maintain Your Dog’s Oral Health

Good oral hygiene goes a long way to keeping your dog healthy. Far too often dogs teeth are an after thought and at when a dog […]