Annual Health Checks

An Annual Health Check is of vital importance in maintaining the health of our valued patients. Without these annual checks, the veterinarians are unable to identify any changes in your pet’s health, such as the development of a heart murmur, appearance of dental disease or identification of any new skin lumps just to name a few. Whilst for some conditions, the early identification and management can be curative, for others early identification allows us to immediately commence therapy which can sometimes be life-saving. At the Annual Health Check, we can also provide up to date disease prevention advice.

We consider it to be of utmost importance that our patients have a full physical examination at least once annually. Commonly, this can coincide with your pet’s annual vaccination. 9499-3691 to arrange your pets Annual Health Check.


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Nicole Qin  
I took my cat Mimi in for a check as he was a bit flat on last Wednesday and had yellow discharges from his eyes. Dr Ross was very patient and caring. She gave Mimi a thorough check and showed me how to give Mimi the antibiotics. Mimi is back to his normal self now. And the receptionist is friendly and caring too. Will definitely come back.

renae G  
I took my newly adopted cat in for a complimentary check and the staff were so amazing! Dr Victoria took the time to examine him thoroughly and help educate me with all my concerns and questions I had. The nursing staff were equally as amazing and gave me a lot of confidence to administer his medicine at home. I felt really looked after and relieved to have such an awesome local vet!

Thank you to all at the Ivanhoe Vet clinic for passed kindness and excellent care of my much loved, sadly deceased, dog Jess . So I have brought my new puppy, Bess. to you with confidence that you will look after her just as well

Bernie Gossip
First time at the clinic was recommended by someone else to go here, everyone was lovely, the vet was very knowledgeable and took really great care of my kitty, compared to other vets reasonably well priced as well. Will definitely be returning.

Ann Radcliff  
The team at Ivanhoe vet clinic have been fantastic looking after my dog and cats. A high level of care and very thorough. I would absolutely recommend them.

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