Annual Health Checks

An Annual Health Check is of vital importance in maintaining the health of our valued patients. Without these annual checks, the veterinarians are unable to identify any changes in your pet’s health, such as the development of a heart murmur, appearance of dental disease or identification of any new skin lumps just to name a few. Whilst for some conditions, the early identification and management can be curative, for others early identification allows us to immediately commence therapy which can sometimes be life-saving. At the Annual Health Check, we can also provide up to date disease prevention advice.

We consider it to be of utmost importance that our patients have a full physical examination at least once annually. Commonly, this can coincide with your pet’s annual vaccination. 9499-3691 to arrange your pets Annual Health Check.

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Deborah Smith Music 1 day ago
 Wow! Wish I'd found Victoria and her team earlier! Took our new puppy Brodie in for first check up - free visit - and had a great unhurried chat/examine with Victoria about all sorts of concerns and questions I had. Then he ha is op for neutering and both the op with Suzanne and follow up with Lauren and Victoria have been amazing. Even had a text from Victoria to check on him on a public holiday! That's service. Started coming to this clinic because of a recommendation from other dog owners - now will be recommending them myself. Thanks so much everyone.

Kelly Steele a week ago
 I've seen all three vets at this clinic and they are all excellent. Support staff are also great, and there are nice touches such as reminder texts and personally following up on a sick pet. Highly recommended.

Slavica M 2 weeks ago
 Ivanhoe Vet - Great service and Friendly staff. They are so patient and caring. Always find a way to fit in an emergency. My dogs actually love going there!!. From the front desk staff to all the vets. Great work...

McCubbery John 3 weeks ago
 Every staff member is a winner. Their care and understanding of pets and owners and family members. we've been taking our dog there for 12 years and in that time she has had a blend of minor maintenance and serious surgery and at all times we feel that we have had a reliable partner on the journey. the current star is Eric who helped us out yesterday and just showed such wonderful enthusiasm and warmth but even though our dog probably wanted to be anywhere else, she submitted to the treatment that was suddenly necessary. We cannot recommend this clinic and its staff enough - a big thank you.

Marion Gray 3 weeks ago
 I couldn’t be happier with the care that my cat Bela (and we his owners) have received at Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic. Everybody there – the vets, nurses and office staff – work excellently as a happy team and are extremely caring, professional and consultative. They understand the difficulties and differing views of owners and try to find solutions that work best for all concerned. They even do a phone follow-up where necessary after a consultation to check if the suggested treatment is going all right. The office is open long hours and has good links with other animal services in the community. My cat couldn’t be in better hands.

Richard Wadley 3 weeks ago
 Gem has been a patient at Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic all her life, she is getting a bit old now and from time to time needs a bit more attention. I know that she can always get the best care and attention from the Clinic, which is why when she recently needed an operation, it was preceded by careful planning and a number of tests to ensure that all basis were covered before the team was ready to proceed to another succesful operation. The follow up was great ~ as usual. Many thanks to Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic.

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