New Pet Checks

New Pet Checks

Your pet’s heart, lungs, abdomen, bones and muscles, eyes, ears, skin, body condition and dental health will be thoroughly checked.

By identifying any issues early on, our veterinarians can help you to devise a plan for the management or correction of any problems that may have been observed.

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Annual Pet Checks

Annual Health Checks

An Annual Health Check is of vital importance in maintaining the health of our valued patients.

Without these annual checks, the veterinarians are unable to identify any changes in your pet’s health, such as the development of a heart murmur, appearance of dental disease or identification of any new skin lumps just to name a few.

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Pet Dental Checks

Dental Health Checks

One of the most common health issues we see in middle aged to older pets is the development of dental disease.

In fact, it is thought that 85% of dogs and cats over 6 years of age have some form of dental compromise.

Often the two main contributing factors towards the development of dental disease are poor diet and genetic susceptibility.

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Pet Vaccination


In order to prevent a number of life-threatening diseases occurring in your pets, we recommend keeping your pet’s vaccinations up to date.

For kittens and puppies we generally recommend a series of 3 vaccinations – 6-8 weeks of age, 10-12 weeks of age and 14-16 weeks of age.

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Desexing pets


At the Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic we perform desexing procedures on a daily basis Monday through to Friday.

Our most common desexing patients are dogs and cats.

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