Caring for the pets of our community.

Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic is proud to be a family owned practice.

Dr Victoria Harrington and husband Simon Wansink have been the proud owners of this fantastic clinic since December 2014.

Our aim is to ensure that the clinic continues to provide high quality care to all pets that they see, whilst also providing excellent service and value to their families.

Our vets regularly attend continuing education to further their knowledge and ensure they are able to offer your pet the very best in veterinary care.

Our nursing team consists of Lily (nurse manager), Francesca, Hannah, Mollie, Alicia, Natasha and Bianca. Whilst at the clinic, you will also meet our friendly receptionists Stefan, Adrienne and Caryn. All of our team members are up to date with their pet care knowledge and are able to offer all clients excellent advice when visiting the clinic.

We look forward to seeing you and your lovely pets at the clinic very soon.

Working Hours

Consults now available throughout the day for your convenience.

House calls are available for general consultations as well as home euthanasias. Contact the clinic for further information.


Monday-Friday 08:00 – 18:00
Saturday 08:30 – 13:00
Sunday Closed
Our veterinary professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible care for their patients.

Veterinary Services

Our veterinary professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible care for their patients. To achieve this, the team at Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic are fortunate to be able to offer on-site blood testing, radiology and ultrasonography capabilities. We also host visting veterinary specialists on an as-needed basis.

New Pet Checks
Whether you have purchased a tiny puppy or kitten, or if you have adopted an older dog or cat, it is recommended that you have your new pet’s health checked.

For kittens and puppies we generally recommend a series of 3 vaccinations – 6-8 weeks of age (starting at 8 weeks for kittens), 10-12 weeks of age and 14-16 weeks of age.

Dental Health Checks
It is thought that 85% of dogs and cats over 6 years of age have some form of dental compromise.

We perform dog and cat desexing procedures on a daily basis Monday through to Friday.

Annual Health Checks
We consider it to be of utmost importance that our patients have a full physical examination at least once annually.

We are able to perform x-rays and ultrasonography at the clinic to help us to better understand your pet’s condition. These non-invasive tests help us to ‘look within’ to determine the best course of treatment for your pet.

We have onsite testing facilities for blood and urine samples. By testing onsite, we are able to efficiently obtain accurate test results that assist us with the treatment of your pet. We are also able to test your pet’s skin and any lumps that may have been detected to help give you peace of mind.

Meet the Team

We are a family owned business that always endeavour to put you and your pets first.
We aim to provide high quality veterinary services and excellent value for money.

What our Patients say...

Here’s a small sample of our Google Reviews for Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic.

I’ve been putting off writing this review for a few weeks now, but after receiving a condolences card from Ivanhoe Vet, I can’t put it off any longer.

I am truly grateful to all the staff at the clinic, especially the receptionist and Dr Laura. For myself, knowing when the right “time” is was the most difficult. Having a second opinion from Dr Laura really helped me with being able to let go. I got an honest prognosis and options going forward, but was not pressured into any course of action. Late that evening, Ares’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and as I made the hardest decision, I felt at peace. The care, love, and compassion that Ares received from so many people helped me in the grieving process, and I cannot thank them all enough. Thank you all again for the work you do, I truly appreciate it!

The day after, the biggest double rainbow I’ve ever seen appeared. Message received!


“Really appreciate all the staff that helped with Brandy’s procedure and fitting her in as soon as they could when she needed to come In again after she accidentally opened her stitches. On top of having to get her onto surgery It was actually an extremely stressful week for me so it was very helpful that the staff were so accomidating. I never like being away from Brandy (especially for medical procedures) but means alot that I was very comfortable with the staff looking after her. Thanks guys.”

Ryan Bradsworth

“This was my first time visiting Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic. Firstly thank you to the receptionist for fitting my baby in. I waited with my dog in the reception area for a little while so I got the chance to observe another vet interact with new owners and their dog – how lovely that was to witness. She took the time to talk through and provide thorough education to the new dog parents. You could tell she genuinely cared about animals. I giggled when I heard her call herself a “worry wart” – can relate! But in all honesty it’s so nice to hear her express her genuine care about particular health issues in animals. With respects to the vet I saw, she was so thorough and considered in her approach with my dog who was presenting with hind leg lameness and she was very confident in her diagnosis – which if you are anxious like me, is very reassuring, as she provided a clear, practical and sensible rehab plan. I couldn’t have had a better experience, and usually vet visits are a huge source of stress for me.”

Louise Wilson

“I have been with Ivanhoe Vet Clinic since I got my puppy in March this year. Everyone in the clinic genuinely loves and cares about their patients and the anxious pawrents. They are extremely kind professional and reliable. You know your fur baby is in good hand when you are there! Cannot recommend enough!”


“We have recently moved so I had to find a new vet for my dog. I found the staff very friendly and the vet very knowledgeable. Because my dog is 13 years old the vet took her time with watching my dog move and getting to know him. There was nothing stressful done to my dog and he seemed very relaxed. Highly recommend this clinic for your pets.”

Glenda Wyatt

Just came in with my beautiful large cat for the 1st time & the vet was so lovely & gentle with him. Probably the most chilled out vet visit we’ve ever had. Vaxed quickly & without fuss, thorough health check & helpful information re fleas/worms treatment. Wasn’t crazy expensive either. It was very, very clean too!

Jane Hamilton

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