Preparation For Surgery

  • Pets should be fasted from 7pm the night before their procedure (with the exception of rabbits who should be fed right up until their procedure)
  • Ensure the pets continue to have access to water overnight
  • An admission time will be booked when the procedure is scheduled with one of our staff members. Admission is usually 9-9:30am the morning of the procedure.
  • Earlier admissions are available on request.
  • We recommend pre-anaesthetic blood tests prior to each general anaesthetic. Speak to one of our Veterinary team members about this.
  • All pets undergoing general anaesthesia are provided with intravenous fluid therapy to optimise organ blood supply during their procedure and improve their post-operative recovery
  • Pick up same day for most cases - usually late afternoon or early evening. In some circumstances (i.e. following major surgical procedures) patients will be transferred to 24hr hospital facilities for ongoing care and monitoring.
  • You will be contacted at the completion of your pet's procedure to let you know how things have gone and to organise a discharge appointment