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5 Tips When Buying a New Puppy

Are you looking to get a Puppy to join your family?

Puppies can be a great addition to any family. There are lots of fun times ahead and with those fun times its important your family is fully prepared for the extra attention & responsibility you will have.

One of the first step is to choose the right breed of dog for you.

Start by asking the question, why am I getting a dog? A tender house pet? A guard dog? A sports companion?

Dogs rely on its pack (family) for solace and comfort. More so for a puppy, as it depends on your support in adjusting to new environments and the absence of its parents. Remember that the dog needs time to adjust to living in a new home and being a domesticated animal.

Hence, if you can’t discharge these responsibilities, shelve the idea of buying a puppy altogether. You’ll be putting the pup through a very difficult time that may affect its development & adversely impact your life in the process.

If you’re up for the challenge, here are five key tips that will help you get the puppy you desire.


Choose your breed carefully

Your lifestyle will hugely determine the dog breed that’s right for you.Another factor is your reason for getting a pet.

You’re looking to get a great family member in a dog? Think about the ages of your children, your family’s lifestyle and the size of your home or your living quarters.

If you live in an apartment for instance, you may want to forget about buying a Labrador. These large dogs need a lot of space. They can be particularly stressful to have in a small apartment as their thick, long tails may knock some of your most valuables out of shelves.

In the same way, a Husky puppy does not suit you if you have a hectic life. This large and energetic dog needs plenty of exercise and walks. You don’t want it to get bored and become destructive in the home.


Pick out your breeder carefully

You’ll get the best puppy from a good breeder. Here we’re talking about getting a well-groomed, healthy pup that’s kept in a good environment. A good breeder is passionate about the animals and will always have the genuine interest of the animal at heart.

Buying from such a breeder means you are assured of good pedigree and a healthy animal. With this in mind, stay away from marketplace websites. Puppy farmers often use such sites to sell fast and earn quick money. A seller who is only interested in making profits may not have enough regard for the puppy’s health.


Consult your veterinarian

Your local vet should have some reliable breeders on their books so it’s important that you talk to them Once you have the pup, set up an appointment with the veterinarian to have them examine it.

The specialist may detect any acquired, potential or congenital problems before they become serious. They can also help in coming up with a schedule for the pet to have the needed vaccines.


Look for signs of good health in the pup


A healthy puppy will often be perky, alert and bright. They should also be reasonably friendly and not spooky.

Runny noses or eyes, or hiding and cowering tendencies may not exactly be good signs. You may want to avoid such puppies. Healthy puppies will also be seen from the condition of their coats. Consider the weight; does the puppy look malnourished?

Any signs or underweight such as visible ribs may normally point to a problem. Don’t buy such. Make sure you can have your new pet check.


Insist on seeing the pup’s mother or both parents

Puppies can inherit problems from their parents. A healthy duo will most often produce an equally healthy pup. Examining the mother (and father) can give you a clear idea of what to expect of the puppy as a grown dog. A breeder who appears guarded about showing you the mother or both parents could be hiding something.

It’s important therefore that you visit the breeder’s premises and check the dogs’ living condition.

Unsure which dog breed can suit your lifestyle and needs?

Contact Ivanhoe today and let the vets advise you on the options that are available for you. For sure there is a dog breed that will suit your lifestyle.

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