Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Congratulations, you have just taken the first positive steps towards developing a lifelong bond with your new puppy!

Over a 4-week course, we will aim to provide you with a strong foundation to strengthen the bond with your new pet.

We will assist you in transforming your puppy into a great canine citizen and ensure he/she is a pet that truly enhances your life.

All Positive K9 trainers are accredited with behavioral training techniques by the National Dog Trainers Federation. The trainers are dedicated dog lovers who are here to help you, so please make sure to ask your trainer if you are having any problems or if you are struggling with any of the exercises.

When: Sessions will be help from 7pm starting the first Wednesday of each month.

What to Bring: high value treats (not your puppy’s dry food) each week as well as a collar or harness, a leash, a toy, your puppy and a positive attitude.


$120 for 4 week course

Week One

Name recognition
Release word
Manual handling

Week Two

Impluse control
Drop / Down
Manual Handling

Week Three

Leash manners
Heel position
Mat training

Week Four

Mat training + duration
Leash manners
Manual Handling