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If you live or work in the Alphington area you will know what a great place it is to have pets. Alphington provides a number of great parks to have fun with your furry friends including Beaverton Reserve, Broomfield Reserve and Alphington park (which is off-leash before 9 am and after 5 pm). There is also Pitcher park the Darebin Parklands which have designated off lead areas. If your pooch likes to swim Darebin parklands also offers a fantastic watering hole along the northeast end of the park trail, allowing your dog to splash until their heart’s content.

Pitcher park
Darebin Parklands
park alphington
Darebin Creek Trail

For those who prefer a longer run or walk with their pets, the Darebin trail runs directly through Alphington. The trail runs north all the way to Kingsbury but has many exit and entry points along the way to explore. If you are travelling south from the Darebin parklands along the Darebin Creek, it will soon connect to the Main Yarra trail through Sparks Reserve and past Alphington Grammar School. The Main Yarra Trail can be followed west as far in as Collingwood or East to as far out as Warrandyte.

If you are looking for some extra activities to do with your dog in Alphington, the Northcote Obedience Dog Club is a fantastic dog club located in Alphington Park. The Northcote Obedience Dog Club helps promote the human animal bond by encouraging socialisation between owners and their dogs as well as like-minded doggy people.

The club holds classes throughout the year and is a great way to meet other local dog lovers and spend some time with your pets while learning together and having a lot of fun along the way. The Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic is a proud sponsor of this club.

If grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat with your canine companion is more your style, Apte café on Heidelberg Road is dog friendly with a heated courtyard for the cooler months. The Bean Counter is another great dog friendly option and is located across from the Fairfield train station.

Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic: Your local Vet for Alphington

Although we all love having great times with our pets it can however be difficult to find a quality local Veterinarian. Whether you live in Alphington or in the surrounding areas, you will need a professional vet that puts your pet first, provides quality veterinary services and ensures excellent value for money. The Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic prides itself on doing all this while optimising the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Many vet clinics often change ownership and employ casual staff that may not have the same level of care as you would expect. When you are looking for a new vet in Alphington you should consider a few things before making this important decision for your pet and yourself.

Experience of the Vets and Nurses

veterinarians of Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic
Experienced Veterinarians of Ivanhoe Vet Clinic
Veterinary Nurses and Reception Staff
Veterinary Nurses and Reception Staff of Ivanhoe Vet Clinic

When looking for any professional service we all want to go where the staff will understand our needs and have the knowledge to get us to the best possible outcomes.

At Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic our vets have over 35 years’ combined experience working with small animals, and the nurses are all well trained with each having at least 5 years’ experience working in small animal clinics.

Having multiple experienced vets in the team is also an important factor as you get the added bonus of having the combined experience of all the team for any unusual or complex issues.

Our team is also more than happy to liaise with specialists for more complicated cases in order to get the best outcome for your pet.


The Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic is proud to say that we have many clients who live or work in Alphington. We are conveniently located on Upper Heidelberg Road just up from the Heidelberg road rail bridge.

Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic

In the event of an emergency, you want to ensure you can be close by to limit the travel time. The Ivanhoe Vet clinic also has onsite parking so you won’t be wasting valuable time looking for a carpark.

Another consideration is how your pet travels, some pets are not all that fond of travelling in cars or in cages and limiting this stress can be an important factor.

Why should you take your pet to the Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic?

You should consider choosing Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic to be your local Veterinarian for a couple of different reasons;
Firstly, Ivanhoe Vet has been providing treatment & care for animals in the local area for over 30 years & are actively involved in the community. Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic has a team of professionals that are qualified and experienced. Our core values are caring, honesty, rrust, reliability, teamwork and happiness, and our purpose is to champion the Human-Animal Bond.

We know through scientific research that there are multiple health benefits from pet ownership and it is our belief that by ensuring the health and happiness of your pet we are also benefiting you in the same way.

Ivanhoe Vet Services

As your local vet in Alphington and Ivanhoe areas, we offer several different services including new pet checks, annual health checks, vaccines, dental health checks & surgery. Our clinic provides vaccinations for dogs, cats & rabbits along with all the other ongoing items that all pets need regularly i.e. worming, regular health checks, inhouse blood and urine testing and cytology.

For new pet owners, we can perform desexing procedures, and we also offer professional puppy training classes. If you live or work in Alphington, you will be able to book in an appointment for your much-loved pet at a time that suits you.

Whether you reside or work in Alphington, we would encourage you to jump onto our website or facebook page to see what kinds of experiences our clients have. We would love to meet your pet so we welcome you to pop into the clinic anytime you are in the area.