Do You Want to Adopt a Dog or Puppy? Here are 7 Things to Consider

adopt a dog

Before you bring home the bundle of cuteness and awesomeness, pause and reconsider. It is easy to fall in love with all the cute puppy videos on YouTube that you want to scoop up the next bundle of joy from the adoption centre, but before you begin the journey, it’s really important to consider these things. It will help you understand the challenges & rewards with owning a puppy.


#1 Your Home

Do you have an independent house or an apartment? You need to check with the apartment manager whether a dog is allowed on the premises. If they allow pets, you have to then consider the suitability of the environment for the dog. Things such as play area, open space, your time commitment, and your budget to accommodate a dog care centre needs consideration. If you have a house with some grassed area that would be ideal, it gives the dog somewhere to play throughout the day particularly if the owners are at work throughout the day.

#2 Your Working Hours

You will not be able to establish a healthy relationship with the pet if you are away from the dog for longer hours. You cannot leave the pet on its own for longer hours. There is not telling what it would do behind your back and the dog will certainly feel lonesome without you. Therefore, do consider the working hours. You may have to make arrangement for a dog care center or a dog walker cum feeder.

#3 Your Activeness

Have you thought about the kind of dog breed you would like to adopt? If you have sedentary or a lightly active lifestyle, a dog breed that is active and requires a lot of exercise will not be suitable to your lifestyle, unless you want to change the lifestyle accordingly. You have to take out the dog for walks, exercises, and other activities. Are you ready?

#4 Time

Even if you can accommodate a dog in your working schedule, what about your other commitments? If you have a big family, an active social life, and a ton of responsibilities, think about how you are going to fit a dog in the schedule. Adopting a puppy is like having a small baby.

#5 Puppy vs Dog

What are you going to adopt? A puppy is like a child and there will the cost of training, puppy vaccinations, various health checkups, grooming, dental check, and multiple other things. It is exactly like how a human parent takes care of a child. In comparison, an adult dog has all the medical needs taken care of but would still require training. An adult dog would be ready to adjust to the presence of humans and would take to your surroundings easily.

#6 Your Personal Life

If you have a special someone in the life, you need to talk to the person and understand whether both of you are on the same page. Perhaps, the person is allergic to dogs or the person is not ready to shoulder the responsibility of a pet. Again, if there are children in the relationship, understand whether the child is fine with having a pet around. Again, a pet is not the responsibility of the child. You have to take on the responsibility.

#7 Dog Behaviour

Dogs can be mischievous, particularly at the young puppy stage. Torn clothes, chewed shoes, difficult potty training, and destroying your things are some of the challenges you have to experience. These are behavioural challenges and you have to learn to cope with them. Dog training is a must. If these behaviours will cause a change in your heart that you might want to drop the dog back at the shelter, do not adopt a dog or any pet for that matter.

Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. Think, prepare, and adopt with full heart and dedication. You have to ready for health challenges and behavioural changes.


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