Puppy Training

Puppy Training

At the Ivanhoe Vet Clinic we are fortunate to see a lot of new puppies!! While they are all beautiful and fun when they are small, as they grow and mature, unfortunately some can develop behavioural problems.

To assist in maintaining and enhancing the unique bond between owners and their pets, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive Puppy Pre-school Program on site at the clinic.

Puppy Pre-school is a four week program designed by accredited trainers to assist in transforming your puppy into a great canine citizen. By teaching your puppy some basic training and socialisation skills, the program aims to enhance your bond with your puppy!

Puppy pre-school is specifically designed for pets aged between 8 and 16 weeks. At this age puppies are very accepting of new experiences so it’s the perfect time to start socialising them and teaching them about the do’s and don’ts in their new world.

By the end of the 4 week program your puppy should be well socialised, have learnt some basic commands and both of you should be confident that you’ve been given the best start to a happy and hopefully long life together.


$120 for 4 week course

Week One

Name recognition
Release word
Manual handling

Week Two

Impluse control
Drop / Down
Manual Handling

Week Three

Leash manners
Heel position
Mat training

Week Four

Mat training + duration
Leash manners
Manual Handling